Self Realization  pt.3—Own Your Space

Greetings entrepreneurs and thank you for joining me once again this week as we look into how we can prepare ourselves for Self-Realization and Self-Mastery. This week we are talking specifically about what it takes to own your space. In other words, what is it that we have to do so that no matter what circumstances arise in our life, we are prepared to meet those circumstances from a place of equilibrium, confidence, and tranquility.

The whole point of cultivating a daily sitting meditation practice is so that you can eventually bring that meditative state of being present into all aspects of your life—24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Owning your space—gracefully working with any given circumstance in your environment—is absolutely key to becoming a successful entrepreneur, lover, or friend. In order to attain mastery over the pull of your Ego and personality and its addiction to adhering to the thoughts and emotions that distort your clear perception of reality—one must take the correct steps. Life is a dance, learn the steps, learn the dance moves, and grace touches your life.

There is a plan for you that leads to a path, a path that leads to total liberation and freedom from all doubt, anxiety, and scarcity consciousness. To work your plan and find your path, one must choose to take the first step. After that first step, one by one, the next step will present itself—keep taking the next step.

You take each step one at a time, you don’t get ahead of yourself, and with patience and trust all will be revealed.

The first step is meditation.

Be the best businessman or woman you can be, take that first step.

With Gratitude,

–Michael Fireborn

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