Take An Interest In The Self

Good day to you entrepreneurs, teachers, parents, lovers, and every other lovely human being in-between, how are you doing today?

Today we are discussing a very important topic, it is the most significant topic of human inquiry—the Self. What I am referring to as “the Self” is that timeless, pure, and Divine Light of Consciousness that is peering through the muddled mess of yours and my Ego and personalities.

It is my hope in sharing this video and my thoughts—experience—on the subject that I can gently point the way toward Self-realization. If it is the Self that we are inquiring, we hope to attain an end, that end would be Self-realization. That is to say, a complete shedding of the proverbial skin and a total blossoming of the Soul.

This is a very expansive topic and by all means, a line of inquiry that if given your devotion and genuine interest will absolutely lead you to Satchitananda—absolute Truth, absolute knowing, and absolute bliss.

One word of advice is to approach the inquiry of Self—and study of the Spirit—with a sense of childlike curiosity. It’s much easier said than done I know but if you can allow the innocent Nature of your true Self to touch your intellect—if only for a moment—that’s all it will take for you to get a sense that your intuition is leading you in the right direction.

Your life is a mystery. The circumstances and experiences of your life are the means through which you will resolve each new enigma as Spirit presents them to you. If you are to remain in concert with what Spirit brings into the experience of your life, you would do well to remain aligned, integrated, and in-service. In other words, if you want to open the treasure chest that has your inheritance—open the single eye—you will have to use the right key.

The key is meditation.

Follow The Breath And Let Spirit Lead The Way

Set everything else in your life aside, it is a distraction. Meditate and welcome back into your life Shakti—she is waiting, patiently waiting—the Spirit of life itself.

There is no other way around, the only way is in. Discover your true Nature and Power, be the best entrepreneur the world has ever witnessed, become a parent that raises a Child of The Light, make the world a better place, discover what Christ means when he says, “let thine eye be single”, and surrender all dependency and attachment to the impermanent distractions of the material world—meditate.

I trust you will.

Enjoy this video and it’s content please leave a comment if you have questions or thoughts on the topic.

With Gratitude and Unconditional Love,

-Michael Fireborn

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