The mystery of Fire Music Video

Greetings Soul Family!

Thank you for tuning in, I appreciate you. Some of you might not know this but I love music and a few years ago picked up a guitar to teach myself how to play. With each passing year—about 5 years now—I have gotten more consistent with playing and practicing. I am finally putting myself out there and sharing my music.

This year I made a commitment to increase my creative expression through the vehicle of music—and as such—I have made it a point to write my own original music. I predict a giant leap in ability and expression this year for myself. Ask Spirit and ye shall receive. I look forward to sharing more original work as it comes to me. This song, in particular, is not complete, however, I really wanted to share so here you are.

I want to lastly give some words of encouragement to anyone who feels a call to be creative and express themselves through the arts. Music, dance, sewing, poetry, woodwork, cooking, and all the rest of it—life is too short—don’t die before you show the world the brilliance hidden inside of you.

Peace and Blessings,

 © 2019 Michael Fireborn 🔥📷🔥

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