Time, Money, And Your Value

The Opportunity Of Your Lifetime

There is a popular saying, “time is money.” I wonder what that means for each one of us?

Greetings entrepreneurs, small business owners, yogis, and everyone else in between. I’d like to share with you some insight that will perhaps point us in a direction that will bring more value to our individual lives. Time is money, this much is true but it’s so much more than that. Time is all that we have, it’s everything and the beautiful thing about it is that we all have the same amount of time to work with. Of course, we all will have different lifespans in total, but from day-to-day, every human being on Earth has 24-hours in the day to either improve his or her circumstances or not. If we can truly appreciate time for what it actually is—opportunity—we will see that it is so much more significant than money.

Time is a measurement of the limited opportunity we have to Self-realize our highest potential as creators—human begins. What makes time so precious is that it is limited and finite. For example, there’s only so much gold in the world, that’s what makes gold or any other precious metal, gem, or natural resource valuable—it has a limited quantity. Where many of us are mistaken in life is that we aren’t looking at the long game, we’re looking at the immediacy of what will gratify and satisfy us now. We fundamentally don’t comprehend or appreciate that the smallest changes we make in our lives—with consistency—over time can radically change the course of our lives for better or worse. Our time is limited and because of this fact the more skillful we are with regard to how we invest and spend our time the more it will increase in value.

The Value Of Your Time

Think about Elon Musk or Oprah Winfrey, how much is five minutes of their time worth—millions of dollars? How much is five minutes my time worth? How much if five minutes of your time worth? Not nearly as much, but that’s OK because each day we have the opportunity to increase the value of our time, and the responsibility to do that lies squarely on our individual shoulders.

We only have so much time within the subjective experience of our individual lifetime, the more we make proper use of the time that we have the more valuable our subjective time becomes. I am being very deliberate in pointing this out because when we comprehend what is being pointed to today, we will have allowed this truth to penetrate us like the sunlight penetrates the darkness of the Earth’s soil bringing hidden seeds to life. In the very same way seeds wait beneath the soil of the Earth to come to life, within each of us there is a seed of potential that once stimulated—by our consistent and conscious efforts—will blossom to reveal the true meaning of our lives.

Don’t Let Your Mind Run Your Life

So many of us become discouraged because we allow our minds to tell us how we should be living. We constantly compare ourselves to other people, what they are doing, and what other people have. The mind is an insidious roommate who thinks he or she has your best interest in mind. The truth is however, we’re not meant to let our minds direct the course of our lives. The mind has everything to do with the past and previous experiences. If we want to be in the flow of life and allow Spirit to direct our lives, then we will have to surrender our attachment to the comforting whispers of the mind and its reassurances that are based on the past. If we are to find out what our life purpose is and subsequently put ourselves in alignment with that purpose, we will have to fundamentally change the way we live.

Each breath we take is literally a quantity of time. Each breath we take is one less moment of time—opportunity—we have to create, live, and inspire. Everyone will come to Self-realization in their own time, in our own time each of us will fully comprehend that our individual destinies—destinations—are leading to the same place. We are all headed towards freedom, liberation, and total peace or what the Eastern traditions call Satchitananda—absolute truth, absolute knowing, and absolute bliss. The road that leads to this inheritance and reality of Self-realization is paved by the circumstances and experiences of our life. To be more specific, the road to freedom is paved by the choices we make.

Are we making choices directed by the influence of our mind, or are we allowing Spirit to gracefully guide our lives?

Becoming More Than We Ever Thought Possible

Are we focused on becoming a successful entrepreneur or business owner for the sole purpose of increasing our own wealth, or are we seeing the big picture in that each one of us has the opportunity to create health, wealth, and abundance on a level that we lift up entire communities?

When we are in alignment with Spirit, we are in alignment with our true and higher-purpose. Imagine what life will be like when you no longer have to think about what to do. Imagine how good you will feel when everything you’re doing in life benefits dozens, hundreds if not thousands of people. This is what it means to be an entrepreneur, this is the real definition of entrepreneurial Spirit!

Meditation is a tool derived from the science and study of YOGA. I humbly invite you to begin incorporating a meditation practice into your daily life. Meditation will get you in alignment with the Grace, Power, and Wisdom of Spirit—let her guide your life. Meditation will make you the best parent, the best business owner, and the most devoted and loving human being possible. Meditation is absolutely free and you don’t have to join any groups. The best thing about meditation is you experience the fruit of your practice for yourself, no belief required.

Trust in the process, trust that you have an inheritance, and through your good works, you will come to receive. Your time is everything. With each breath, you have an opportunity to increase the value of your time. Meditation is the romance language of the breath. Meditation is how you establish a relationship with Spirit, and meditation is what Christ talked about when he said…

“The light of the body is the eye, if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” –Matthew 6:22

Until next time. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

With gratitude

-Michael Fireborn

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